17 November 2010

Some fun stats

My sister-in-law, Sarah and I were talking today about our blogs and she asked if I had ever checked the "stats" section of my blog profile. I had only ever checked it once and I'm pretty sure that was by accident, but I went ahead and checked it again today. It told me that 123 people that have read this blog did so using Internet Explorer. Huh. It also told me that someone from Alaska read my blog today. Huh. And, my stats also say that 1% of people that read my blog do so from an iPad. Huh. I'm not sure exactly how or why eblogger knows that, but I thought I would give you some actual stats about us that might be a tad more interesting.

*On average, I make 4-5 "special meat" sandwiches a week. (For those of you wondering what in the world "special meat" is, it is what Natalie calls liverwurst. My mom got her to try it once when she was little by calling it "special meat" and Natalie fell in love. She now takes it on bread almost every day for lunch. Don't judge. It's protein.).

*Twice a day JT tells me he "so misses me." Once when I drop him off at preschool and once when I pick him up. I love that boy.

*JT has not had a timeout at school in the last 8 days. That is our longest streak yet. (I hope I am not jinxing him).

*Natalie reads at least 5 books a week, usually more. The girl is almost never without a book in her hand. The only thing that slows her down is her tendency toward motion sickness. She said today, "Mommy, sometimes I think if I had one wish, it would be that I could read in the car." I love that girl.

*I have used my pressure cooker 6 times in the last 2 weeks. It has now earned a coveted spot on the kitchen counter. That is high praise! (And thanks to Sarah for the awesome gift).

*My brother-in-law, Sean (wife is aforementioned Sarah), left this month for a year in Afghanistan. By the time he returns, he will have officially missed 1/4 of his daughter's life, not to mention the vast majority of his 8 month-old son's. Some statistics really really suck. This is one of them.

*Joshua's Blackberry went off at 4:52am this morning, and since I couldn't go back to sleep, I have been up for 18 hours. Statistics say I should go to bed.

Good Night!