25 February 2011

A new inductee

Yesterday I attended a ceremony of sorts.  It wasn't a promotion ceremony (those are fun because it means someone is getting a pay raise!) or a retirement ceremony (those are fun because it means someone is getting out of the Army, which also means a pay raise!).  It was an induction ceremony (and no, no one came home with prescription narcotics and a screaming infant).  I'll get to the ceremony in a moment. 

My family and my 2 college friends that read this blog know that my son has one teacher I really like, and one I could do without.  For the purpose of this blog, we'll call the one I like Ms. T.  Ms. T is the MOST WONDERFUL preschool teacher of all time.  Why?  Because she loves my son like he is her own, that's why. I drop my son off each morning knowing that if he can't be with me or his grandparents, she is the next best thing.  Needless to say, she is very special to us.

So,  when I heard that her 19 year-old son left for a year in Afghanistan last week  I wanted to cry.  This wonderful woman who gives so much to my son day after day, now has a son in what I consider to be the worst place on the face of the earth.  I hate Afghanistan.  (I hate Iraq too, but right now I hate Afghanistan more.  Some of my favorite peeps are currently in Afghanistan, so I hate it more).  However, now is not the time to cry (I cry when I read to my daughter's class or when I see that one coffee commercial when Peter comes home to surprise his parents on Christmas morning).  Now is the time we rally and welcome Ms. T. into our fold.

Another mom, Ms. Awesome, suggested we put together a deployment basket for Ms. T.  So four of us moms (who all happen to be Army wives, by the way) assembled  a basket of goodies to get her through the next year.  

The basket contained:
Blue star sticker for her car or window
Army travel mug
Trashy beach read
Chocolate (duh)
Bottle of wine (double duh)
Stress-relief/relaxation tea
Handmade cards from our kids
Notes from us
380 marbles and 2 Ball jars (so she can transfer one a day until he is home)

Ms. Awesome wrapped it up in cellophane and tied it with a big yellow ribbon and bow.  It was beautiful!  (I SO wish I would have taken a picture).

Yesterday after school we, along with our children, presented it to her.  She cried.  We cried.  We freaked out our kids.  It was awesome.  She was speechless, and thanks to our tears, so were we.  I think we each hugged her 2 or 3 times before one of us (totally not me) composed ourselves enough to spit out how much we love her and will support her in any way we can. 

Welcome to the sisterhood, Ms. T! May the year go fast, may you get many emails and phone calls from your soldier, may you not watch too much TV news coverage, and may you accept our thanks for raising such a fine young man.  We love you!


Sarah said...

Where did you find Ball jars big enough for 380 marbles? Very impressive shopping! And awesome basket from some very cool women too.

Anonymous said...

So cool Amy. I know she loved the basket, but being a Mom and Mom-in-law of boys that have and are currently deployed, I know she loved the caring, thoughtfulness that went into the gift. You are a wonderful Mom.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful gesture---you are always looking to help those around you in such unique and special ways!

Carrie said...

So thoughtful, so very awesome.

Anonymous said...

Quit being so fabulous! You put the rest of us to shame! Now, about that other teacher, Ms X....

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy, It's "Aunt" Nancy in Newman. I've been following Sarah's blog, and thru it, found my way to yours. You, too, are a fabulous writer of REAL family life. I hope you don't mind, but I have put you in my 'Favorites' column, and that was pretty technical for me to figure out by myself; just ask Binnie! Hope all is well with all of you. Love, Nancy