05 July 2011

Footloose and fancy free! Just like our country.

The stars have aligned yet again this summer and we were able to dump our kids off let our kids spend some time with their grandparents.  12 whole days with no kids...just me and my soldier.  We plan on doing our best to cram everything we can into these 12 days.  And I'm fairly confident the grandparents will be doing the exact same thing.

Since last night was the 4th, we decided to just walk down to the golf course to see if we could see the fireworks.  Fresh from our kid-free dinner at my favorite Mexican restaurant, I didn't really care where we watched from, I was just happy to not have to be schlepping a gazillion blankets, chairs and snacks down there with me. 

So there we were, walking hand in hand, dog on leash at our side (just like it was 1999...hey, it rhymes!) and talking about our kids.  I mentioned to my soldier how much our daughter missed him on our trip.  I went on to describe how she kept asking to call him while we were on vacation, how she got tearful when she realized she would miss his birthday this year, and so on.  And then my soldier said, "Just imagine what she'll be like during the next deployment." 


"Uh-huh.  Oh, right.  Yep, that will suck," I replied. 

And that was it.  We moved on to the next topic.  But 24 hours later I haven't moved on.  After eight trips across the big pond you'd think I would move on a bit faster, but I haven't yet. I know he'll go again. It's not if, it's when.  But something about the matter-of-factness way he said it got to me. 

We continued our walk, arrived at the golf course and the fireworks started.  Standing there with him for those 20 minutes reminded me that my soldier's matter-of-fact attitude about his deployments is the reason our country is so special.  He and thousands of others just like him are willing to do what is asked of them over and over again (insert shout-out to my BFAM, Sean here). They do what is asked of them so that this country can remain free. 

I hope the next time a deployment arises I will remember to have the same attitude.  Until then I will spend the next 12 days enjoying my freedom. As a matter of fact, I hope you all do too.

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Sarah said...

If we lived next door to one another, I wouldn't care about deployments. Well, that's not entirely true. ;)