30 April 2015

A Letter to My Husband

Dear Hua -

17 years ago this month, we were a newly-married couple, barely 22 years-old (ok, fine...I was 23) and planning a commissioning party.  Back then, I knew nothing about the military, the moves, the deployments, the ups and downs or the constant sense of adventure that awaited us.  As a matter of fact, I'm not sure I even knew what the acronym PX stood for.  (Don't worry, I now know that the PX is where I get cheap Clinque cosmetics for when my mom visits and cheap H20 Plus lotion for when your mom visits).

Today, a lot has changed.  I won't take the time to list all that has changed (I already know how much you love my ever-expanding cache of dish packs), but I do want to take the time to point out one thing that has never changed.  Despite my best efforts (and my nagging, and worrying, and all of my outloud "what-if's") your awe-inspiring devotion to our country has never waivered.  

When you raised your right hand and swore to uphold and defend our Constitution on that stage in Lincoln Hall, I was so proud of you.  Today I'm just as proud, but even moreso.  I've watched you come and go numerous times. I've watched you fight for what you know needs to be done for the better of the Army (those poor contractors never see you coming). You never ask anything of anyone that you wouldn't do yourself, and no matter how many hours or days (or months) it takes, nothing gets less than your 110%.  All the while, you find ways to be present at home for me and the kids.  You've turned a quick trip to check on some guys that are working late on a Saturday night into a REALLY cool date night.  Or, you work a few hours later one night so you can leave early the next to make a Little League game. And let's not forget all the nights you come home late, only to stop and get me a coffee because you know I'm tired, but that I need caffeine to be able to stay awake so we can catch up.  

 It's been a privilege to watch you serve your country these last 17 years.  You deserve every accolade afforded to you today and in all the days to come.  No one works harder than you do, day in and day out.  And I'm thrilled we get many more years on this ride together.  


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